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Practicing martial arts helps you feel safe and confident in today’s society and provides an excellent way to manage stress, get in shape and feel great. Martial Arts helps you live your best life by offering you valuable success and life skills such as confidence, discipline, and life balance.


have your ever experienced

  • Having a hard time staying awake during the day? You’re constantly having to find ways to stay awake, half way through the day you find yourself dozing off.

  • You want to learn how to protect yourself and your family? You’ve tried everything, you’ve bought DVD’s tried classes that are supposed to be taught to the military, but nothing seemed to give you the tools you need to feel confident that you could protect yourself and most importantly your family?

  • Low Self Esteem? Maybe your clothes don’t fit the way they once did or it seems like life is handing you one lemon after another, or maybe you feel that you’re just not good enough.
  • Stress Levels from work impacting other areas of life? You’re banging your head against the wall, major deadlines due at work, stress levels through the roof and cant seem to find the solution. Ever been there?

  • You’re trying to find the perfect academy to improve your martial arts skills? You’ve been to different “gyms” but they all felt like a gym and not warm and inviting. Perhaps you’ve been training but you’re in a rut and don’t feel that your game is improving and you’re looking for the right team to be apart of to help take your game to an entirely new level? 

I absolutely recommend Karams Martial Arts. They have a great amount of patience with the kids and adults while teaching the pillars of the code of martial arts. They're amazing!

KEVEN HAN proud member of Karams Martial Arts

Whether you’re a 40 something adult or a parent looking for a great structured program for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Find out why so many people trust us and see how we provide excellent training for all.

Karate is one of the most popular martial arts in the world, if not the most popular. But…. what if I told you that not every Martial Arts academy is created equal. Sure, you might find a school with an instructor with high accolades in competition but does that make them a great instructor. Sure, you might find a school with a huge name attached to it, but does that person teach there? There are so many factors that go into finding the RIGHT martial arts school for you, the question is, where do you start, better yet what are you looking for?

People from all walks of life train with us and love it. Moms, Dads, Athletes and Hobbyists, each have different goals and reasons for training, but they all get the results they are looking for. We’ve put together one of the most extensive coaching teams possible, and thats just the tip of the ice berg.

Has this ever happened to you. Perhaps you’ve walked into an academy and left feeling you were just “there” and didn’t really fit in. Or maybe you went to try out a class and it was a bunch of meatheads trying to one up you and you were just fighting to survive? Perhaps you’ve never stepped foot in a martial arts school and the thought of “sparring” with someone so much bigger and stronger than you frightens you.

The beauty of martial arts is that it is catered for the smaller person to be able to defeat their giants! Your giants can be a person, an emotion, stress, and so much more. From the minute you walk in our doors, you’re apart of our family, not just another body in the class. Our instructors and staff are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and puts your success before theirs. Our Adult Martial Arts program offers you a community to help you live your best life through self-discipline, self-confidence and self-respect.

My kiddos were here for a week before I realized I can join with them. It feels awesome to promote to a new belt with my boys and perform with them. My wife enrolled yesterday so we are all involved. The extra activities for the family are an added bonus to all that Karams has to offer.

ALEX MARTINEZ, ​Happy Member of Karams Martial Arts



Our program has been proven to be one of the most effective Self Defense systems on the planet. Size does not matter, the smaller person can easily defend themselves and defeat a much larger attacker with ease. However, the self defense that is learned is not only useful, but extremely practical!

It is very important for people to understand why they are doing certain moves and have a general knowledge of the body mechanics that are being utilized through out their trainings.

Not only will you leave having had one of the BEST workouts of your life, you’ll know that you now have the tools necessary to keep yourself safe and be confident that you can do so.

One thing I love about Karams is that all of the instructors push the students to be their best. An added bonus is that this is the only sport that allows the family to join the journey together. My boys joined together and later I did. They truly enjoy being a higher rank than me. It's a bonding experiences for all of us.

VICKY GOMEZ, ​proud member of Karams Martial Arts



Most forms of exercise don’t necessarily promote great hand eye coordination. Lift this, pull that, press this, push that, those are the basic movements we do on a daily basis. By utilizing your entire body through various techniques, you’re not only toning your body, but you’re improving your balance and coordination. Reflexes are heightened and sharpened through each lesson.

Aside from increased coordination, the constant movement helps circulate your blood through out your body and provide you with feeling better all over.

Both of my children, my husband, and I have all taken classes at Karams.  I can't recommend this studio highly enough!  The kids' classes not only taught martial arts, but improved their focus and reinforced respect of teachers and parents. The adult program is awesome too!  I never knew time could actually fly by while I was learning to defend myself aka "exercising".  

JULIE FROMM, ​very proud member of Karams Martial Arts



Martial Arts, like any form of exercise, releases endorphins into your bloodstream that act as “mood boosters” and provides a de-stress hormone into your body.

The act of training and landing a solid kick is invigorating and a brilliant medium to relieve built up stress and tension over time. Not only will you feel refreshed and reinvigorated after class, you’ll have a blast doing it!

Had a great session. Got a good workout and sweat on. Loving the BJJ program. Instructor is great and so much fun.

ALLYSON AGAPE Happy Member of Karams Martial Arts 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What are Considerations for our Family?

As a new student, you and your family should look at our program and evaluate if Karam’s Martial Arts provides something that, as a family, fits into your philosophical values. Is it something that is supportive of what you are trying to accomplish as a family?

When should we consider Black Belt?

As a new student, it’s very important to be thinking about training to Black Belt NOW. You need to get acquainted with the school— learn all you can about the environment and the philosophy of the school. And, get acquainted with the process of classes and curriculum. Frankly, whether as an adult or child, every time you are in class you’re going to have a lot of fun but the most important thing is that this is a school, just like any other school. If you go to Harvard, it is important to determine early on whether you’re going to be going from midterm to midterm, or whether you’re going to follow through and get your bachelor’s degree or your master’s degree. As you enter a school, it’s very important to determine why you are there and what the outcome will be. At Karam’s Martial Arts, the program goal is to become a black belt. Black Belt is in many ways a metaphor for the outcome; the outcome is confidence and discipline and focus. The outcome is a high level of physical athletic skill, a high level of physical fitness, as well as having the ability to defend yourself if you ever need to.

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits of Martial Arts training for both children and adults are numerous! Heres a few:

– Improved ability to focus and concentrate
– Better grades in school
– More Self Confidence
– Higher Self Esteem
– Improved Physical Fitness
– Greater Body Awareness
– Become more responsible
– Ability to set and accomplish goals
– Excellent character development program
– Discipline
– and so much more!

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