Meet Our Founder

Founder of Karam’s Martial Arts in 1973 in Canton, Ohio. Master Harvey Karam was born 9-16-42 and passed away on 7-25-07 at the age of 64. Master Karam trained under General, Grand Master Dong Hi Choi and he earned his 7 th Degree Black Belt in TKD. GM Karam had taught 1,000’s of students and was a very dedicated instructor and cared for every student as if they were his own. We are so very Honored and Proud to continue his legacy.

Please visit the hallway near the steps to learn more about Master Karam.

How We Got Here (our history)


A Family Focused Martial Arts Lineage

Master Harvey J. Karam, a 7 th -degree black belt, founded Karam’s Martial Arts in 1973 in North Canton Ohio. The School was relocated in 1975 and began out of the garage of the house. The school has been in continuous existence ever since. We have taught many adults, kids, men, and women.

Upon Master Karam’s passing, in 2007 he turned the school over to the oldest of six kids, Matthew J. Karam in 2006. Since then we have been working very hard to increase the training and skills included in our program. Matthew started training under Master Karam when he was five years old. He spent thousands of hours working on Hyungs and combinations. Competing in tournaments. Studying the great masters and training with GM McClanahan and GM Dong Hi Choi.

Everyone is like family. Instructors, students and families of students. It can be an intense but safe environment, a place that rewards good decisions, offers a positive atmosphere, leadership, and recognizes hard work that goes beyond the expectations of the daily world.
We work together and share our stories and our goals, growing together in a supportive, fun, driven environment. We believe that the harder you work, the more you forge the strength to harness your mind and your body, the better you’ll be able to act and react in life and any altercation that you may have.

How are Diamonds/Leaders made?

A tremendous amount of pressure and heat over a long period of time.

The strength and confidence you’ll gain resonates out of every student!

Meet Our Team

Matt Karam

3rd Dan Black Belt

Audra Karam

Child Life Specialist

Karla Postlethwait

Program Director

Toby Smith

Head Instructor – 2nd Dan Black Belt

Laura Russell

Assistant Instructor

Austin Meager

Assistant Instructor

Pete Lengyel

Assistant Instructor

Jack Thomas

Assistant Instructor

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